Six factors to consider before choosing our scanner kits

Posted on Tue 11 September 2018 at 9.20AM
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Getting your customers into your event quickly and easily is the most important part of your entry management. There are a number of different factors to think about when considering hiring our Scanner Kits.

Is there an internet connection?

Our Scanner Kits validate tickets in real-time using a 3G/4G or WiFi connection. This means that your Scan Report within your account will be updated simultaneously to show the tickets that have been scanned. Once the ticket has been scanned, it (or copies of it) can't be rescanned at another entry point, preventing people trying to gain access with duplicate tickets.

If you don't have an internet connection at your event, our TicketSource Express for Windows will enable you to validate tickets offline.

How many attendees are you expecting?

Deciding on how many scanners you'll need largely depends on the capacity of your event and the number of tickets you expect to sell. If you're not sure how many you'll need, get in touch and we'll help work out the best quantity for your event.

scanner kits and the charging station

How long will the scanners be in use?

Keep in mind how long you anticipate using the scanners. Do you have a specific entry/start time? Or is more open where people can arrive anytime between a number of hours? The Scanner Kit battery is able to scan tickets continuously for a couple of hours, and they come with a charging station to hold and recharge them when not in use.

Is the event inside or outside?

Low-lighting conditions are no problem for the Scanner Kits. The Scanner Kits produce their own beam when scanning so if your event is at night or the place where you scan tickets isn't brightly lit, then scanning tickets won't be a problem. 

Strong sunlight can sometimes slow the Scanner ability to recognise the ticket QR codes on mobile phones or other devices where the ticket is displayed on a screen. Under these circumstances we would suggest either disabling mobile tickets for your event or ensure that your ticket validation area has a shelter to ensure that the scanners work as quickly as possible. 

Alternatively, you can manually enter the 6-character booking reference displayed on your customer's ticket.

Will you have multiple entry points?

The Scanner Kits can be used at multiple entry points and can be scanning tickets at all points concurrently whilst updating your account in real-time. So you'll always have live and accurate data about who has arrived and who hasn't.

Scanner availability

The Scanner Kits are in high demand at certain points of the year, such as festival season and around Bonfire Night. If you're interested in hiring our Scanner Kits, get in touch as soon as possible to check availability.

More information

We offer a scanning option for every type of event. Fore more information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch:

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