9 ways to increase ticket buying with promotional emails

Posted on Thu 19 May 2016 at 10.33AM
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You could have the most exciting spectacle of an event planned, but unless people know about it, then it's never going to get off the ground.

This article provides 9 handy hints for driving ticket purchase through your event mailouts.

1. Keep the content short and to the point

Stick to the point of your email – getting the attention of your potential audience. Don't be tempted to start discussing lots of topics, you can save that for another mailout.

This is especially important as more and more people are likely to be reading on their smartphone; you don't want them to be put off reading the content altogether. If there is something important that you really want to include, consider directing them to your website or blog instead.

2. Consistency in the tone

Ensure your tone of voice is appropriate to your potential audience. The way a festival is promoted is completely different to the way a conference would be.

3. When to send

Give some consideration to the time you send your mailouts. The early hours of a Monday morning is unlikely to drive those ticket purchases! Whereas a more considered time of day could ensure your email gets read at lunchtime or on the way home from work.

Another point to consider is when people are likely to have disposable income to spend on tickets. Payday for many people is usually the last Friday of the month, so tying this in with your promotions could result in additional advance ticket purchases.

4. Informative email headings

If your email is specifically advertising a one-off event or a run of the same performance, it makes sense for the email title to reflect this as opposed to "this month's news", which is more likely to be seen as a general mailout, and find itself flung into the trash folder.

5. Let customer buy with ease

Increasingly people don't read lots of text in emails, and gloss over the details quickly, so don't make them work to find out how to buy their tickets. Include a BUY TICKETS button that links to your TicketSource listings page and customers can just need to click or tap to start choosing the tickets they want.

6. Image use

Keep in mind that some email providers do not automatically download images, which can mean that some of your audience may receive a series of broken image boxes. So make sure the message of your email can be conveyed without the images, otherwise readers may not be able to see very much at all!

7. Customer database

When it comes to creating your email list, you can export your customer database with ease, from within your TicketSource account. By ticking the 'marketing consent' option, you can always be sure that you're complying with the Data Protection Act by only sending correspondence to those who have consented to receive it.

TicketSource also enables you to export specific customer groups to tailor your promotions. For example, you could export all the customers who booked for last year's Panto and then send them an Early Bird email offer to incentivise advance booking for this year's performance.

You can even filter the email addresses to exclude customers who have already booked for the performance you want to advertise for, rather than harass them with a "BUY NOW" email when they already have tickets!

8. Proof-read and test your emails!

Remember to always proof-read your emails before sending, as typos don't make for great credibility. And test those links beforehand to make sure they all work correctly and take the reader to the destination you want. It's too late to fix a broken link once you've hit 'send'!

9. Email marketing system

Remember to avoid using your usual email system for your marketing emails as this can lead to people flagging your emails as spam and all future correspondence will go into their junk folder.

By utilising the MailChimp email integration within your TicketSource account you can send professional looking emails out to your consenting customers. Be sure to check out MailChimp's handy Reports, where you can see how your customers interact with your emails.

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