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Posted on Wed 6 January 2016 at 12.57PM
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TicketSource provides all the Event Registration tools needed to manage and pull off a great event! Whether a free seminar that you just want attendees to register for, or a paid conference-type event that you want to provide ticketing for.

Password-protecting registration

If you only want certain people to be able to attend, you can password protect the registration process. This means that only those who have been given the password will be able to register for the event. Just remember to circulate the password!

If you want your event to be limited to an organisation or group, you can even upload a list of membership numbers so that only people who are members of the organisation can book (they will be prompted to enter their membership number during the registration process).

Screenshot of the password entry field

Using the Questionnaire function

By utilising the Questionnaire function, you can gather all the relevant information to inform your event and prepare for the next one. When setting up your event, you can choose if you would like the Questions to be mandatory fields for the attendee registering. This means that they will be unable to progress with registering until they have answered your questions. Great for gathering useful insights for your events!

You can add as many questions as you want, and you can stipulate if they are to be open-ended, yes/no or multiple choice.

Using the Reporting options

TicketSource can not only be used to register your attendees, but can assist with your event management and planning of future events.

When people book to attend your event, you have a unique opportunity to gain an advantage over your next event. Ask them what they would like to see more of, would they be interested in hearing more on a specific subject? All their responses will be available in the Questionnaire Report, and you can use this information to tailor your next event.

Referral sources

It's great to know how people are finding your events, so you can be better informed about where to spend your marketing budget. For example, if you paid for multiple adverts, you want to be able to find out which ones have been the most effective. So it's worth customising the Referral Options to list the publications where you have been promoting your event.

You can customise the list of referral sources by going to:

Settings  |  Events  |  customise the 'Referral Option' fields

When attendees register, they will be prompted to reveal how they found out about the event, so you can see how people are discovering your events.

Screenshot of one of the reports

Attendee list

With your Front of House Report, you can quickly check-in attendees as they arrive. You can export this via the Reports drop-down menu. This will also be sent to you automatically once event registration closes, and lists all the people who have registered.

The default setting for closure is three hours, but there's nothing to stop you from overriding this, to keep online registration open right up to the last minute.

Image of the emailed Front of House Report

Secure attendee check-in

Once your attendee's start arriving, you'll want a fast and secure method to scan attendee's passes, and you have a number of options available:

     1. TicketSource Express app

With our app, you can turn your smartphone into a scanner. The app reads the 3D (QR) barcode and updates your account in real-time, via a Wi-Fi or 3G internet connection.

Alternatively, you can type the attendee's unique 6-character booking reference into the app. Accepted bookings are audibly and visually verified for secure and efficient attendee entry.

    2. Scanner kit

Our Scanning Kit is perfect for large capacity events. The kit contains multiple networked devices so you can use scanners at multiple entry points safe in the knowledge that once a pass has been scanned, the same pass (or copies of it) cannot be used again at another entry point.

If you'd like to hire one, please contact for more info.

    3. USB scanners

If your venue suffers from an intermittent Wi-Fi connection, our USB scanners can save the day!

We can supply you with a compatible barcode scanner to use with TicketSource Express for Windows and TicketSource Express for Web that you simply plug into your Windows or Mac desktop or laptop computer. Alternatively, you can enter the booking reference directly via your keyboard.

The intelligent software ensures that booking confirmations can't be scanned more than once, preventing unauthorised entry to your event. Unrecognised booking confirmations are also visibly and audibly rejected. The software provides you with at-a-glance status updates on total, admitted and remaining passes.

The USB scanners are available to purchase through your TicketSource account via:

Account  |  Buy Add-ons

Finally, if you are hosting a free event, and had a number of people register but not turn up, the costs can soon add up. So it's worth knowing who did, and who didn't, attend. You can see a full list via the Scan Report in the Reports dropdown menu:

Scan Report  |  Unscanned tickets

And don't forget, with TicketSource, you maintain full access to all your data 24/7, with an unlimited number of report generations!

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