It's time to promote those Bonfire Night events!

Posted on Wed 14 October 2015 at 3.39PM
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Hopefully your advanced ticket sales are really taking off. However the Autumn and Winter are hectic months with plenty of festivities, so customers can be overwhelmed with choice for what to purchase tickets for. 

Make sure they choose your event by ensuring they can easily buy tickets whilst you have their attention.

Facebook TicketShop app

When browsing social media sites, people can often be distracted by their friends' photos, news feeds etc, so make sure you give your customers the opportunity to purchase without having to leave Facebook. By installing our TicketShop app into your Facebook page, customers can view and buy tickets through your page. You can easily add the app by going to:

Events  |  Publicise Event  |  Add TicketShop app to your Facebook Page

TicketShop for Facebook

Posting your unique TicketSource URL (www.ticketsource/ into all your posts, will produce a 'Book Now' button for customers to click on to buy their tickets with ease.

TicketShop app for your website

If you haven't already done so, it's well worth adding TicketShop to your own website. Customers who may be looking at your website for contact details, may see an event they would like to attend and will be able to easily buy tickets through your website, at a time that suits them. To add TicketShop to your website, go to:

Events  |  Publicise Event  |  Add TicketShop app to your website

TicketShop embedded in website

Use a themed ticket sales page

Fireworks photograph beautifully, so why not show off your photography skills and customise your sales page with some striking images to really set the scene for the event and build excitement for your customers.

Don't forget you can customise your colours, and add poster images to your events to display alongside your listings.

TicketSource sales page

Email marketing

By integrating your TicketSource account with your MailChimp account, your customers' details and their marketing preferences will automatically be added to your MailChimp account when they complete a booking.

MailChimp is an email marketing service enabling you to design and send professional marketing emails to subscribed customers. Remember to include your ticket links to enable recipients to buy tickets with ease.

Customise location

One of the most useful features for outdoor events is that our customised ticket sales screens and e-tickets also contain a map, automatically generated by the postcode, showing exactly where the venue is. You can even adjust the position of the pin to give customers specific details of where the event is. Just click and hold to drag the pin around.

If you're looking to simplify entry for customers, our wristband ticket format features unique QR codes, for secure and efficient entry management, eliminating the potential for fraudulent tickets. The strong adhesive closure with unique security die-cuts ensure that the wristbands can't be tampered with.

Encouraging additional purchases

Allow customers to pre-pay for optional items such as sparklers, hotdogs etc, and you'll definitely see an increase in additional purchases. This has the added bonus of reducing cash handling on the night (for both yourself and your customers!) and also gives you an indication of how much stock to order.

You could add these items as 'Sundries' in your account, and customers who pre-pay will be issued a voucher with their tickets, which can be used to claim their pre-ordered items.

You could even use sundries as an opportunity to incentivise ticket purchase. For example, "free sparkers for all those who book before October 10th!" etc.

Keep ticket sales going right up until the last minute

The default for online ticket sales closure is three hours before the event is due to commence. 

Fireworks events typically get a lot of people who turn up on the night. The unpredictable British weather can mean that customers often want to wait until nearer the date, due to the risk of inclement conditions. With this in mind, it would be worth keeping your online sales open for as long as possible before the event – customers may even be booking via their phones whilst on the way to the fireworks display!

Ticket Scanning

Outdoor events and large venues with multiple entry points are likely to share the same key problems... uneven Wi-Fi coverage and the potential for customers to gain entry with fraudulent copies of the same ticket at different entry points.

This is where the TicketSource Scanner Kit comes to the rescue!

Our networked kit lets you scan tickets at multiple entry points and validate them in real-time against your TicketSource account, using either a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection. Using our Scanner Kit enables you to scan tickets securely and quickly! So no more long and winding queues of customers waiting to get in.

To read more about our Scanner Kit, take a look at our Multiple Entry Point post on the blog.

Ticket Scanner Kit screens

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