Keeping your private parties private!

Posted on Fri 13 November 2015 at 2.52PM
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TicketSource enables you, as the event organiser, to add passwords to events or upload membership numbers to ensure that those private parties stay private.

Private parties or galas

By adding password protection to your events, you can give your guests the convenience of buying tickets online, at a time that suits them, whilst ensuring that no inadvertent bookings from the general public go through.

If it's a small private party, you could include the password in the invites you send out. Or if it's a larger function, why not make use of our MailChimp integration and send out invites via email, advising your guests of the password. Include a link to buy tickets in the email, and it couldn't be easier for people to buy tickets!

With password-protection enabled, only people who know what the password is, will be able to book.

You can add password protection when adding a new event, under the 'Advanced Settings' tab.

Or if you would like to add a password to an event that you have already set up, go to:

Events | Modify Event, then under the event listing click 'modify' where you will be able to add password protection via the 'Advanced Settings' tab.

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► When people go online to book, they will be asked to enter the password to continue with the booking.

► Without the password, they will be unable to book and the system will prevent them going any further with the booking.

Events for clubs or societies

If you’re hosting an event for a organisation, such as a club or society, you can use the membership numbers to ensure that only members of the organisation can book.

To do this, you can set a members only category when adding a new event. You will then need to manually add each membership number. For a step-by-step guide on how to do this, take a look at our Knowledgebase article.

If you have a large number of members, please contact us via where we will be able to assist you with the initial upload of your membership database.

The Membership function lets you promote your event on social media, whilst avoiding inadvertent bookings from members of the public, as the customer will be prompted to enter their membership number to be able to proceed with the booking.

Customers cannot proceed without the password

You can choose to include directions and a map to your venue, to let partygoers know exactly where the event is. And if you choose to offer e-tickets only, this makes life a little bit easier for ticket buyers as they will have contact details and directions accompanying their tickets in the 'extra info' section (if you have added this information).

Using an online system to manage your events enables you to have the freedom to organise the finer details, safe in the knowledge that TicketSource is updating your allocation and guest list in real-time. This guest list can be printed off before the event, to securely check people off as they arrive with their tickets, as each ticket holder will be assigned a unique reference code for easy identification.

Whether password-protecting or uploading membership numbers, TicketSource lets you promote your event on social media, whilst avoiding inadvertent bookings from members of the public...

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