Proud Moments at Pride Cymru

Posted on Wed 7 September 2016 at 3.35PM
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performers with Pride balloons

As Summer 2016 draws to an close, we cast our minds back to the few sunny weekends that played host to the UK’s many fabulous Pride events, several of which we at TicketSource were lucky enough to be involved with.

Here are some memories of one of our favourites… Cardiff’s annual Pride festival… Pride Cymru.


As is often the case with community-based events, Pride Cymru has grown from humble and informal beginnings when the first event, then known as Cardiff Mardi Gras was launched in 1999 with 3000 attendees.

Now in its tenth year under the Pride Cymru banner, this annual August festival has become one of the highlights of Summer in Cardiff, attracting over 10,000 patrons from the LGBT community and beyond. Next to Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival, it was the city’s most popular outdoor event of the Summer.  

The charities that run such events inevitably have to invest ever more in the infrastructure and logistics as they grow. Teams of committed volunteers have to quickly develop expertise in all the areas that professional event planners have mastered, but without the luxury of any formal training. That’s where partnerships with supportive companies offering free resources like TicketSource come in.

With just a few minutes training, the team of Pride Cymru volunteers were able to use our professional ticket scanning kit to quickly and efficiently process the impressive entry lines.

Emma explaining how our scanning technology works

If you’re an event organiser in a similar role and want to see what’s possible with a crowd of 10,000 customers, a team of enthusiastic volunteers, and some clever and free ticketing technology, take a look at the video.

Or if you happen to have been in Coopers Field in Cardiff yourself on August 13th, why not see if you can spot yourself. It looks like many good memories were made.

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