Reduce stress by increasing your advance ticket sales

Posted on Wed 8 March 2017 at 2.21PM
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In the weeks running up to your event, it can be pretty stressful if your ticket sales aren't where you hoped they'd be. It can leave you wondering if there'll be a last minute bookings rush or if you'll be left disappointed.

We've taken a look at some tips for increasing your advance ticket sales so you get can on with organising and promoting your event rather than worrying about your ticket sales.

Added extras

Everyone loves getting a cheeky little freebie when they shop and ticket purchases are no different. Consider offering an added incentive to those booking before a certain date. This could be a free drink on the night or a complimentary snack, a free t-shirt for a fun-run. The possibilities are endless and largely depend on the nature of your event. 

Think about what your customers would value and what would be sufficient to tempt them into buying early and securing their tickets.

Using discounts

A popular tactic is to have an 'earlybird' price category, which despite its strange name simply means that the tickets are at a reduced price for a limited time. This serves as an incentive for customers to book early in order to get the lower priced tickets.

Discounts are a very effective way of driving ticket sales, just be sure not to undercut yourself and end up eating into your profits too much.

You could even choose to limit the discount by the number of tickets, rather than a time based discount, as once they're gone, that's it! You can then go on to list your remaining tickets at the standard price. Also if the discount proves to be a very popular offer, the tickets won't all be sold at the discounted price!

Fear of missing out

Another tactic that works well is creating a sense of urgency. You may have seen the acronym FOMO bandied about, which stands for 'fear of missing out'. To create this heightened sense of excitement, one option would be to release a set number of tickets at a specific price and then once they sell out, release more tickets but at a higher price. 

Selling in price waves can provide an incentive for people to buy sooner rather than later to get the cheapest price tickets. Just remember to let people know about the upcoming price increase in order to push the ticket sales and increase excitement for your attendees.

Retargeting with analytics

If potential customers are visiting your website or your TicketSource listings page, you can track their visit using Google Analytics, the Facebook pixel or the Twitter pixel

Google Analytics supports tracking of customer visits from your own website through to your page on the TicketSource website. 

Using the Facebook pixel, you can see which events your customers are looking at (if you have multiple events) and if they add tickets to their basket but didn't reach the checkout stage of the booking.

Using retargeting you will be able to target the customers who didn't buy tickets with specific adverts (via Google, Facebook or Twitter) to remind them about buying tickets for your event.

By securing those ticket sales in advance you can spend the final weeks preparing for your event and creating a buzz of excitement on your social media, rather than panicking about if you'll be able to sell enough tickets before the event.

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