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Posted on Wed 27 July 2016 at 1.43PM
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Sell your sports tickets in advance, both online and in-house at the stadium, race track, pitch-side or court.

Sell tickets in advance of game day

Don't wait until match day to sell tickets to your matches and games. Make the most of your advance ticket sales by allowing fans to buy the tickets they want at a time suiting them.

TIP: Integrate your sales page into your website and you can provide a seamless ticket buying experience for your customers.

Create your venue layout

By creating your seating plan, you can block out the seats for your season ticket holders and other fans can purchase from the remaining seats without the risk of double-booking. You can even add VIP boxes or various price points for those wanting the best seats in the house!

Copy the seating plan across events and you can sell in advance of all the fixtures across the season.

Regular attendees can then look forward to the upcoming games, safe in the knowledge their favourite seat has been secured.

Increase event revenue

By offering additional items in advance you can earn more from your events. Consider listing merchandise from the club shop, or offering fans the chance to pre-order snacks or drinks to cut queue times on the day.

Customers who buy in advance (either online or in-house) will receive a voucher to exchange at the venue for the item they have paid for. So you can benefit from guaranteed purchase and the customer benefits from reduced queuing.

Marketing opportunities

If you have fans who are season ticket holders, you can apply membership numbers and dates to their records.

Membership dates example in system

When the season draws to an end, you could send your fans a promotional email to advise that their season ticket is due to expire and you could incentivise purchase with a pre-season discount.

Using ticket money for cashflow

By using Stripe payment processing for internet bookings and/or in-house bookings, card payments are processed and deposited directly into your bank account by Stripe on a 7-day rolling basis.

TIP: Our pdf guide to integrating Stripe gives you more information about accessing your money upfront.

Efficient queue management

Effective queue management will ensure the fans get through the turnstiles quickly and safely. Thereby, giving them more time to spend buying snacks and drinks before the start of the game or match.

If you're looking for a fast and effective way to validate tickets on the door, our scanning options can come to the rescue. From our free smartphone app, TicketSource Express, to our professional Scanner Kit, you can rest assured that once a ticket has been scanned, it cannot be scanned again, preventing ticket duplication.

For more detailed rundown of our scanning options, take a look at our queue handling post.

Wristband tickets

TicketSource now has the option to offer fans their tickets in wristband format. Perfect for outdoor sporting events as they are strong and waterproof. No more soggy paper tickets!

Our wristbands feature unique QR codes, for secure and efficient entry management, eliminating the potential for fraudulent tickets. The strong adhesive closure with unique security die-cuts ensure that the wristbands can't be tampered with.

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