Using Social Media To Promote Your Events

Posted on Mon 6 November 2017 at 11.15AM
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Using social media to promote your events can be hugely beneficial. There are a wide range of social networks available, so you've got plenty to choose from.

The Right Social Platform

When choosing which networks to use, think about the types of events you run and the places your potential audience are most likely to see your posts. If it's conferences you organise then LinkedIn is a good choice to connect with attendees. Whereas Instagram and Facebook would provide better opportunities to connect with ticket buyers for theatrical performances by posting highly visual updates.

Your social media can put your events in front of a new audience and increase awareness of the events you run. Give some thoughts to which social networks will work best for you; you don't want to use too many and find that you spend too much time trying to maintain them all. A few carefully considered choices will generate better results for you. Whichever networks you choose to use, remember to keep them updated. Keep the information consistent across your networks to give credibility to your events.


Live events are exciting! Show this to your audience with regular visual posts. People want to see what your events have to offer and why they should book tickets. Give some thought in advance to how you will promote your events online. Can you post sneak-peaks of rehearsal? Will you create excitement by releasing tickets in price waves? Could you live stream parts of the event on the day?

Readily Available Tickets

Make it easy for potential customers to buy tickets to your events. These days, customers don't have the time or the patience to overcome obstacles to buying tickets, they will quickly go elsewhere. By including your ticket link in all your posts, customers can quickly find the tickets they want and you'll benefit from advance ticket sales. With our TicketShop app, you can go a step further and integrate your listings into your own Facebook Page or website. This enables customers to browse your complete listings whilst on your Facebook Page or website.


You could benefit from additional reach by tagging performers and venues in your posts. These people are likely to share your posts and spread the word further about your upcoming events.


Keep continuity across your promotions by using a hashtag, be careful not to overdo it with too many though, as there has been some discussion recently about users experiencing Instagram's Shadowban by appearing too spammy.

Keep an eye on our blog for more about the features you can use to promote your events online with TicketSource.

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