Discount Codes revamp

Posted on Fri 7 October 2011 at 2.21PM
Categories: Features

The TicketSource box office system provides a Discount Code feature which enables event organisers to add their own promotional discount codes. These can be offered to customers when booking tickets for forthcoming events. Discounts can give you the opportunity to really drive your ticket sales.

TicketSource allows you to add an unlimited number of discounts! Then all you need to do is let people know! Send out emails or discuss on social media to create a buzz for your event.

Examples of different discounts

If you'd prefer you can assign a limited number of uses to your discount codes. This means single-use voucher codes can be created and provided to individual customers. The single-use voucher code opens up the possibility to event organisers of creating gift vouchers or even credit notes (e.g. £5.00 discounted from the customer's purchase when the single-use voucher code is entered during checkout)

To support the idea of a gift voucher or credit note, a second enhancement has been introduced enabling a voucher code to be linked to any forthcoming event (not just a specific event) hosted by the event organiser.

Screenshot of setting up a discount code

Example of setting up a discount code

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