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Event Notifications are emails sent to account administrators or users relating to the status of your events. To access these notifications, you need to be given permission to receive them. To do so:

  • Go to Account and select User Accounts
  • Choose the selected user
  • Press modify

The only mandatory notifications are the Accounts Notifications. These are sent to the account administrator, and sends a final event statement of TicketSource payments and referral income notifications.

Booking Notifications send a notification every time a booking is processed.

Sold Out Notifications send a notification when the available allocation for an event becomes sold out.

Daily Booking Summaries send a daily summary of bookings.

Final Booking Summaries send a final summary of bookings at the end of the ticket sales period. There is then the option to add reports to the Final Booking Summary.

Once you have amended your notifications, make sure you press Save Changes.

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Last modified on Thu 18 April 2019