Add Additional Dates to an Event or Run

To add additional performances or dates to an existing event:

  • Hover over the "Events" tab at the top of the page and select the "Modify Event" option
  • Select the event from the drop down menu provided and click the "Modify Event" button
  • In the dates column, click to "Copy".  This will copy the event listing in full 
  • In the newly copied event, go to the "Dates" column and click "Modify".  Change the date and time as required
  • Modify any other details if required (e.g. if the ticket price is different, etc)
  • Continue to "Copy" and add new dates as required
  • Click "Save Changes" 

If your event runs over several weeks we would recommend that you set up each week as a separate event (if your online bookings are being processed by TicketSource's payment processing). By doing this we will settle all ticket monies on a weekly basis and you would not have to wait until the week following the last performance of the run to receive all of your ticket income  To do this:

  • Create your first week run and activate the event
  • Hover over the "Events" tab at the top of the page and select the "Copy Event" option
  • Select the first week run that you have just created
  • If required, select to preserve house seats or blocked seats on the new event listing. You can also set the date for all performances within the new event and set the start ticket sales date and time from this page
  • You will then see the copied event.  Simply click to modify each column and modify as required (e.g. dates, times, ticket prices if different, etc)
  • When you have modified your second week run, activate the event
  • Repeat as required                                                  

Category: Creating Events

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Last modified on Wed 10 April 2019