Can I Add My Own Terms & Conditions?

Yes! You can choose to add your own terms and conditions to an event.  To do so:

  • Hover over the "Events" tab at the top of the page and select the "Modify Event" option
  • Select  the event from the drop down menu provided and click the "Modify Event" button
  • In the "Event" column within the table, select the "Modify" button under the event name
  • Go to the "Advanced Settings" tab
  • Near the bottom of the page you will see "Terms and Conditions associated with the event"
  • Tick the "The event has associated Terms & Conditions" box provided
  • In the text box labelled "Terms & Conditions" you can provide the wording of your Terms & Conditions associated with this event
  • Click "Save Changes"

During the booking process your customers will have to tick a box to acknowledge that they have read and will abide by your terms and conditions before they can continue with their booking. The customer will also receive a copy of the Terms and Conditions within their confirmation email and on their etickets (if they have chosen this delivery option).

Category: Creating Events

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Last modified on Fri 19 April 2019