Copy an Existing Event or Event Run

If you are creating a new event or event run and have created a similar event in the past, you can save time by copying an existing event.  This would be useful if you frequently stage events at the same venue or an event run with the same number of events.  All you need to do is modify the date, event name and if required ticket categories and prices. 

To copy an existing event or event run, go to:

  • "Events'' | ''Copy Event"
  • Select the event or event run that you want to copy
  • If required, tick next to "Preserve House Seats on the New Event Listing" or "Preserve Blocked Seats on the new Event Listing"
  • Select "Copy Event Listing"
  • You will now see the copied event!
  • Under "Event" click ''modify'' to change the event name and other details as required
  • Continue working your way across the event designer and click "Modify" where required 
  • You can add or delete dates by clicking on "copy" or "delete" in the "Dates" column
  • Ensure you update your ticket on-sale date by clicking to "modify" in the "Dates" column
  • You can add or delete ticket prices by clicking on "Add New Price Category" or "delete" in the "Price Category" column 
  • Check all details for your event to ensure they are correct
  • Click "Activate Event"

Category: Creating Events

Keywords: Copy event, create event, event designer

Last modified on Mon 4 July 2016