Discount Codes

Discount codes can be used to offer customers a reduction on their ticket purchases. 

You can set up a discount code within TicketSource. Customers would be prompted to quote this code when booking to qualify for the discount. For example, to give a customer £1 off per ticket you may provide them with the discount code 'POUND'.

Discount codes can allow a £/$ amount or % discount per ticket/per booking. You can limit the number of times a discount code can be used (e.g. 1 use - only one customer would ever be able to use this code or enter 1000 and 1000 customers can use this code). Discount codes can be hidden from the public, so that they cannot be used by customers booking online but you are able to apply them for your back office bookings.

How to Setup a Discount Code

  1. Go to "Settings'' | ''Discount Codes"

  2. Click "Add New Discount Code''

  3. In the "Discount Code" box, add your code name.  This is the code that your customers will need to quote to apply the discount

  4. Add your discount amount (you can choose £/$ or % and apply to either each ticket or the whole booking)
  5. If required, set a valid from/to date (e.g. for Early Bird offers)
  6. Select that the code can either be used an unlimited number of times or a restricted number of times
  7. Tick that the discount code is available to the public (un-tick if the discount code is only available via your back office)
  8. Click "Save Changes"
  9. You now need to apply this discount code to an event: In the section "Discount Codes Linked to Event Listings" your new discount code will be showing as linked to all events.  If you only want this discount code to be linked to a specific event, click to "Modify" next to the discount code.

  10. In the ''Event'' drop down menu, select the Event that the discount applies to

  11. In the "Applies To" drop down menu, you can select which ticket price the discount applies to
  12. Click "Save Changes"

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Last modified on Fri 19 October 2018