How to Add Multiple Ticket Prices for an Event

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You can add multiple ticket prices (Standard, Concession, Stalls, Balcony, etc) to your event. To do so:

  1. Go to 'Events' and select 'Modify Event'
  2. Select the relevant event
  3. In the 'Price Category' column, click 'Add a New Price Category'
  4. Enter the Price category description (eg "Adult"), the price and any description about the category (if a concession, state who qualifies - eg, Over 60's, Students, Wheelchair Users, etc)
  5. Please see 'Advanced Settings' for additional options
  6. Click 'Save Changes'
  7. Repeat the process for each Price Category as required

Adding multiple ticket prices, or price categories means that your customers can choose between them, and select the one that is right for them.

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Last modified on Thu 25 April 2019