Password Protect a Price Category

You can password protect price categories so that only people with the password can purchase tickets (e.g. Members, Cast, Parents, Early Bird, etc.).  

To do this:

  1. Go to 'Events' and select 'Modify Event'
  2. Select the event that you want to modify
  3. In the 'Price Category' column, select to modify an existing ticket price or click 'Add a New Price Category' and fill in required fields
  4. Go to 'Advanced Settings'
  5. Tick 'Password protect internet sales for this price category'
  6. Input the Password Description which would act as a prompt to the customer (e.g. 'Member's Password' or 'Password Sent in Letter')
  7. Then carefully select a password - this is the password that you will distribute to the selected customers
  8. There are various other options in this section - you can:
    • limit how many tickets are allowed to be purchased in this price category per customer (e.g. 2 tickets per customer)
    • set start and end dates if you only want to offer this ticket price for a limited period (e.g. Early Bird Tickets)
  9. Click 'Save Changes'

Category: Creating Events

Keywords: early bird, members, new price category, Password, price category

Last modified on Thu 25 April 2019