Password Protect a Price Category

You can password protect price categories so that only people with the password can purchase tickets (e.g. Members, Cast, Parents, Early Bird, etc.).  To do this:

  • Go to "Events'' | ''Modify Event"
  • Select the event that you want to modify
  • In the "Price Category" column, select to modify an existing ticket price or click "Add a New Price Category" and fill in required fields
  • Go to "Advanced Settings"
  • Tick "Password protect internet sales for this price category"
  • Input the "Password Description" which would act as a prompt to the customer (e.g. "Member's Password" or "Password Sent in Letter")
  • Then carefully select a password - this is the password that you will distribute to the selected customers
  • There are various other options in this section - you can limit how many tickets are allowed to be purchased in this price category per customer (e.g. 2 tickets per customer), you can set start and end dates if you only want to offer this ticket price for a limited period (e.g. Early Bird Tickets)
  • Click "Save Changes"

Category: Creating Events

Keywords: early bird, members, new price category, Password, price category

Last modified on Mon 4 July 2016