Security of Ticket Sales Income

The proceeds of all credit and debit card sales transacted via TicketSource are paid into a segregated ‘Client’ bank account meaning that they are completely ring-fenced from our own working capital and booking fee income.

The funds relating to any given event are held in the Client account until after that event has finished. That way, whenever an event is cancelled, we can make a full refund directly to the customer (inclusive of our booking fees and credit card transaction fees)

These arrangements are in line with best practice as specified by all major credit card companies and also by STAR (the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers) of which TicketSource is a member.

This segregated structure also means that, in the unlikely event that TicketSource should ever run into financial problems, any potential creditors would have no call on, or access to the money that we are simply holding for customers and event organisers.

Category: Financial Matters

Keywords: bank account, client income, secure, security

Last modified on Tue 5 July 2016