Can I Exchange a Booking?

Yes! You can exchange a booking if:

  • it is an in-house booking
  • it is a TS booking (i.e. paid by credit or debit card online) but only if the value of the new tickets and booking fee is the same as the original tickets and booking fee 

To exchange a booking you will need to follow these steps:

  • Go to "Customers" | "Find  Customer"
  • In the text box (top right) enter the customer name or booking reference 
  • Select the customer from the list provided
  • With the customer's details displayed in the 'Customer Details' tab, click the 'Customer Bookings' tab
  • Next to the relevant booking go to "Actions" | "Exchange Booking"
  • Follow the on-screen prompts

Please note that if the booking to be exchanged was part of a booking for multiple events, the £ value will not be the same, as a lower booking fee percentage may have been charged in the original multiple booking.

If the exchange is not for the same value as the original booking due to differing ticket prices or booking fee, you will be prompted to advise the customer to contact the TicketSource exchange hotline to process the exchange. Please note that TicketSource charges the customer a £1.00 admin fee to process an exchange.


Category: Managing Bookings

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Last modified on Thu 22 February 2018