Customer has not received their e-tickets

At the conclusion of a booking, an email will be automatically sent to the customer containing their e-tickets. 

We are aware that some email clients (such as hotmail) may have strict spam settings and that the email may end up in the customer's junk or spam folder so please advise the customer to check these folders first. Also emails will not be delivered if there is typo in the email. You will be able to modify this on the 'Customer Details' page

You can re-send the e-ticket to the customer.  

To re-send the e-ticket go to:

  • "Customer" | "Find Customer".
  • Search for the customer by entering their name or booking reference number in the search box (top right).
  • Select the customer.
  • Go to "Customer Bookings".
  • Next to the relevant booking, go to "Action | View E-ticket".
  • To re-send the e-ticket click the orange 'Email E-Ticket' button
  • When prompted, select "yes" to re-send the e-ticket to the email address on the customer's account.

Category: Managing Bookings

Keywords: e-tickets not received, hotmail, re-send

Last modified on Fri 25 November 2016