Restrict Ticket Sales

When creating an event you may be required to limit the total number of tickets that a customer can purchase. Within your TicketSource account there are two options that can be used in order to provide this restriction. The first option will be a simpler and lighter restriction which only limits selection of tickets. The second is a more comprehensive restriction that will all restrict total tickets in the customers basket and check against previous bookings to prevent double bookings.

1. The first option involves limiting the maximum and minimum ticket selection this is available when a customer books.* To change this option follow the steps below

  • Go to the tab "Events" | "Modify Event" and select the relevant event
  • In the "Price Category" column, click 'Modify' under the price category
  • Move to the 'Advanced Settings' tab 
  • Change the options for the maximum and minimum selection at the bottom. 

For example if the minimum was set to 2 and the maximum set to 5, customers would have the option to book between 2 to 5 tickets for that price category. 

*This will limit the amount for each price category that a customer can select in one go, but won't prevent them from click 'Continue Shopping' to add more tickets, or from making an additional purchase. This will also not limit the total in a basket. For example if there were two price categories both with the limit set to 4, a customer would be able to select 4 from one price and 2 from another giving a total of 6.

2. The second option is much stricter and provides a more complete restriction to ticket sales. Where as the option above only applies to an individual price category, this option will automatically apply to all price categories listed.

  • Select the "Events | Modify Event" menu option and choose the event
  • Under the 'Event' column on the left hand side click 'Modify'
  • Select the 'Advanced Settings' tab,
  • Tick the "Restrict the number of tickets per customer for the event" option,
  • Enter the relevant number in the box below this option,
  • Click"Save Changes"

The restriction will apply to the tickets in the customers basket, meaning that it limits the total across all price categories. For example if there were two price categories with the limit set to 4, a customer wouldn't be able to select 4 from one price and 2 from another (unlike in the example for 1.). 

This ticket restriction option will also detect if a customer has booked before by matching any previous details from completed bookings. A customer wouldn't be able to book tickets and then re-book more in a separate transaction later using the same details. 

- Please note that this will also apply to in-house bookings so be warned if you are putting through bookings with your own details!


Category: Managing Bookings

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Last modified on Wed 26 April 2017