What does 'Cancel Without Refund' mean?

'Cancel with out refund' means you are requesting the tickets/seats get released for re-sale BUT the ticket money received for this booking is retained against the event, i.e. the customer will not receive a refund. 

This feature is useful if a customer advises that they cannot attend an event but are happy for the Event Organiser to re-sell their tickets.

To 'Cancel without Refund' go to;

  • 'Customers' | 'Find Customer'
  • In the search box, enter the customer's surname or booking reference
  • Select the customer from the list
  • Go to the 'Customer Bookings' tab
  • Next to the relevant booking, go to 'Actions' | 'Cancel Booking Without Refunding'
  • Follow the prompts to select if you want to cancel without refund the whole booking or only selected tickets
  • Click 'Cancel Booking Without Refunding' to process

On your sales report, the booking will have an additional line which will read refund of £0.00 and the tickets will instantly go back on sale.

Category: Managing Bookings

Keywords: cancel, refund

Last modified on Tue 5 July 2016