How to set In-House Booking Fees

You can choose to add a booking fee to in-house bookings to cover your costs and overheads, including your own merchant fees, ticket stock, time and effort etc.

You can choose whether the in-house booking fee is applied per ticket or per transaction and you can select if the booking fee is applied to all bookings irrelevant of payment type, or just to a particular type of payment.

You can specify your in-house booking fee by following these steps:

  • Hover over the "Account" tab at the top of the page and select the "Booking Fee Settings" option
  • Select the "In-house bookings" tab 
  • Select "Apply a booking fee", enter the fee (either as a £/€/$ or a % amount) and select for the fee to be charged per ticket or per transaction
  • Select to apply the booking fee to all payment types or a specific payment type
  • You can also choose to "Enable manual override of booking fee during booking" by putting a tick in the box (this will allow you to add or subtract the booking fee from any in-house booking you make)
  • Once finished, click the "Save Changes" button

If you would like to turn this function off, follow the above steps and select "No booking fee" and then "Save Changes". 

Category: Managing Events

Keywords: booking fee, card fees, in-house bookings

Last modified on Sat 20 April 2019