Add or Modify Users

You can add an unlimited number of users to your TicketSource account.  

To add a new user, go to:

  • "Account" | "User Account"
  • Click on 'Add New User Account'
  • Enter the user's details (boxes with an orange dot are required information) and password
  • Select the appropriate email notifications and account permissions for the new user.  For further information on each preference or permission, hover over the pin next to each option.  
  • You can also select a pre-set profile such as 'Box Office Manager' with suggested permissions 
  • Click "Save Changes" to apply

To modify the contact details or permissions of an existing user, go to:

  • "Account" | "User Account"
  • Next to the user name, click 'Modify'
  • Modify contact details / permission levels as required
  • Click "Save Changes" to apply

We would encourage you to have more than one user with Administrator to ensure that at least one other user can access all areas of an account should a person go on leave or is taken ill.  However, please note that an Administrator has access to all areas of the system, including event management modification or amendments to bank details.  If bank details are amended, an email is immediately sent to all Administrators advising of the update.

Category: Managing Your Account

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Last modified on Wed 19 July 2017