Modify your Bank Account Details

You can modify your bank details at any time, however, you will need to have Administrator access to your TicketSource account. 

To modify your bank details go to;

  • "Account" | "Bank Account Details"
  • Under 'New Details' add your new bank details
  • Click "Save Changes" to apply

For security reasons, if the bank details on an account are modified, all users with Administrator access will be sent an email informing them that the bank details have been changed. 

Please note that the payment process begins the Monday following your event so ensure that any modifications to your bank details are made prior to 12pm on the Monday.

If bank details haven't been added before the cut off time for the settlement you won't receive monies from your ticket sales in that week's settlement. Once bank details have been entered it will be included in the next settlement. 

Category: Managing Your Account

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Last modified on Wed 6 July 2016