Customise your E-Tickets

You can customise your e-tickets by adding images or logos to the header and footer and also provide additional information for the customer about your event or venue.

To add a logo or image to the header or footer, go to;

  • "Settings" | "Tickets"
  • In the "E-ticket Settings" tab, select 'Upload Header Image'
  • Upload an image from your computer. 
  • If you would like to add a footer image, continue as above by selecting 'Upload Footer Image'
  • Click "Save Changes"

To add an EVENT-SPECIFIC header/footer image, go to;

  • "Events" | "Modify Event" and select the event from the list
  • In the 'Event' column on the left, click 'Modify'
  • Select the orange ‘E-ticket Settings’ tab.  Here you can add the images for this specific event
  • Click "Save Changes"

Images added to an event will over-ride any images added at account level for e-tickets.  Images added at account level will act as the default if no header/footer images are added to an event.

* Please note that all images are subject to our acceptable use policy:

     - Images must not contain any offensive material

     - Images files must be in JPEG (jpeg, jpg) or BMP(bmp) format

     - Image dimensions must not exceed 1600 x 400 pixels

     - Image files must not exceed 500Kb

To add additional information to your e-ticket (i.e. specific instruction to the customer, information about parking, etc.) go to;

  • "Events" | "Modify Event"
  • Select the relevant event/performance from the list
  • In the 'Event' column, click 'Modify'
  • Go to orange 'Advanced Settings' tab
  • In the 'Additional Information' text box add detail as required.  This information will show on the e-ticket
  • Click "Save Changes" 

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Last modified on Mon 22 August 2016