Emailing / Mailing your customers

You can export your customer email or postal addresses by going to:

  • "Customers | Export Customers".
  • There are various filters on this report to extract information by event, multiple events, new customers etc. or to exclude customers who have not provided an email address, postal address, etc. or to exclude customers who have already booked for a specific event.  
  • If you are contacting your customers to promote future events, you must abide by the Data Protection Act and only contact customers who have consented to receive such information.  You can only contact a customer who has declined to receive marketing material if your contact is specifically about an event that they have booked for (e.g. change of time, venue, problem with their booking, etc.).  Therefore it is very important that you tick the appropriate box next to "include only customers who've consented to be added to the marketing list" or "include all customers". 
  • Choose to download your report as a comma-separated vale (CSV) file or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  • Click on "Export Customers".

You can also use the Contact Customer feature within your account to email customers directly information related to their booking. To find out more, click here

Category: Marketing and Publicity

Keywords: data protection, email, filters, mailing list

Last modified on Thu 25 August 2016