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Choosing the best Booking Fees for you - in under 5 minutes!

TicketSource's Quick Start Guide

This article will show you the ropes on booking fees. Discover which options are right for you and what they mean. Here's what you'll learn:

How to Access Your Booking Fee Settings

To access your booking fee settings and to view all the booking fee options available to you, you'll need to be logged in to your TicketSource account. From your dashboard, highlight Account at the top of the page, and select Booking Fee Settings

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Booking Fees

You will set your booking fee structure during the sign-up process, however, you can change the structure at any time.  Please note that changes apply to all events – including those that are currently on sale. 

Booking fees are non-refundable if you, the Event Organiser, process a refund. The booking fee is only refundable if an event is cancelled or significantly changed (e.g. change of date, venue or headline act) and TicketSource will process these ticket refunds.

Event cancellation refunds incur a £1.00 handling fee per transaction.

The booking fee options are:

  • Inclusive
  • Exclusive
  • Split
  • Flat Rate

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Inclusive Fees

Inclusive fees mean your booking fees will be included in the total cost of the tickets. So when a customer pays for their tickets they won't be aware of any booking fees, and they are absorbed by you.

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Exclusive Fees

Exclusive fees mean your booking fee will be added to the total cost of the tickets. When a customer pays for their tickets they will see a booking fee added to the total cost. This means that all base ticket sales will go directly to you.

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Split Fees

Split fees mean that you can choose which percentage booking fee you will pay, and which percentage you will pass on to the customer. You can choose any percentage from a 50/50 split to a 99/1 split. The customer will only see the booking fee you have elected for them to pay. 

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Flat Rate Fees

Flat Rate fees mean that you elect to choose a flat rate booking fee to be paid by your customer. If the booking fee you have chosen is less than the standard booking fee, then any remaining booking fee amount will be taken out of the ticket price paid to you. 

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Viewing, Changing and Calculating Your Booking Fee

Your booking fee is always available to view on the Booking Fee Settings page. 

You have the flexibility to change how your booking fee is applied at any time.  However, any changes are applicable to ALL events, including those already on sale. 

To change the booking fee setting:

  1. Go to Accounts and select the option Booking Fee Settings
  2. At the top of the page, you will see a list of booking fee types you can select
  3. Click Save Changes

PLEASE NOTE: Changes made to the booking fee settings will be logged and become immediately effective on all your current events. 

A booking fee calculator is available at the bottom of the Booking Fee Structure page to assist you in calculating the cost of each booking fee option.

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In-House Booking Fees

You can choose to add a booking fee to in-house bookings to cover your costs and overheads, including your own merchant fees, ticket stock, time and effort etc.

You can choose whether the in-house booking fee is applied per ticket or per transaction and you can select if the booking fee is applied to all bookings irrelevant of payment type, or just to a particular type of booking (e.g. 'card' if you have your own merchant facilities).  

To specify your in-house booking fee follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Account and select Booking Fee Settings
  2. Select the In-house bookings tab 
  3. Select Apply a booking fee, enter the fee and select for the fee to be charged per ticket or per transaction
  4. Select to apply the booking fee to all payment types or a specific payment type
  5. You can also choose to Enable manual override of booking fee during booking by putting a tick in the box
  6. Press Save Changes

Enabling a manual override of booking fee during booking means that, for In-house bookings, you can manually remove or change a booking fee.

If you would like to turn In-House booking fees off, follow the above steps and select 'No booking fee' and then 'Save Changes'. 

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Tips and tricks

  1. If you are a registered charity, take advantage of a 0.5% discount on your booking fees
  2. We offer a discount on our booking fees if you choose Stripe Payment Processing - learn more here
  3. When you introduce an event organiser to TicketSource, we will pay you 10% of every booking fee we earn from their events, forever!

If you wanted to read more Knowledgebase articles about booking fees, follow this link!

There you go! You should be all set to choose your booking fees! If you've got any questions or queries, give us a shout by emailing or calling us on 0333 666 4466 (Weekdays 9am-7pm, Saturdays 9am-5pm)

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Last modified on Thu 8 November 2018