Report for referral sources

During the booking process a customer will be asked how they found out about the event.  You can find their responses on the event run summary report (known as referral source).

At the bottom of the event run summary report, you will be provided with a pie chart to show your  referral sources.

To run an event run summary report, go to:

  • "Reports | Event Run Summary".
  • Select the relevant event.
  • Click on "produce report".
  • If required, customise the report by moving tickets that you consider to be concessions over to the "Concession Price Category" box by clicking on a ticket price category and using the arrows to move across. 
  • Click on "update report".
  • Your report will now be displayed. 
  • Below the report will be two pie-charts - one of which shows a breakdown of your referral sources.

Category: Reports

Keywords: marketing, referral

Last modified on Tue 5 July 2016