Sundry Sales Report

Sundry items are add-on's offered for sale during the booking process.  Sundry items could include programmes, merchandise, picnic baskets, pre-show meals... the list is endless!

To access a report of your sundry sales:

  • Go to 'Reports' | 'Sundry Options Report'
  • Use the filters to either select all current events or restrict to a specific event
  • Click on 'Produce Report'

You can also view a sundry sales report for a specific event from your dashboard (house icon):

  • Go to your dashboard (house icon)
  • Next to the relevant event, go to 'Actions' | 'Sundry Options Report'

Sundry sales will also be itemised on your Sales Report and your Event Settlement Statement.

Category: Reports

Keywords: report, Sundry

Last modified on Tue 5 July 2016