Block or Unblock Seats on a Seating Plan

To Block seats:

  • Click the Dashboard icon
  • Click the "Actions" menu (alongside the relevant event date)
  • Select the 'Set Ticket Availability' menu option
  • Click on the relevant section of the seating plan
  • Double-click to block a single seat from sale
  • Multiple seats, rows or whole sections can be blocked by using the options at the bottom of the screen 
  • You can also write an internal note on each seat to explain why it is blocked.  Please note that any notes added using this method are for internal use only and cannot be viewed by customers booking online
  • Click "Save Changes"

To Unblock seats:

  • Follow the above, but double click on a blocked seat to release it back to sale
  • Click "Save Changes" 

If you want a seat to be labelled as a House Seat or Wheelchair space, tick the relevant box in the info box to the right hand side of the screen. Please not that only administrators can add or release these type of seats.

Category: Seating Plans

Keywords: block, notes, seats, unblock

Last modified on Mon 4 July 2016