Accepting card payments in-house (Stripe integration)

By integrating your own Stripe merchant services account you can process in-house credit and debit bookings via TicketSource.  

For information on how to integrate Stripe with your TicketSource account, please follow the guidance 'Integrate Stripe merchant services into your TicketSource account'.

To process a credit/debit card booking in-house:

  • Book tickets via the 'Book Now' button on the dashboard 
  • On the payment options screen, select 'Stripe payment by credit/debit card'
  • Select 'checkout'
  • Enter customer contact details and click on 'next'
  • Enter card details and click 'buy tickets' to start the payment process and to confirm that booking.

Reservations can also be converted to Stripe payments

  • First find the booking either in "Reports" | "Reservations Reports" or through the customer record in "Customers" | "Find Customer" > 'Customer Bookings'
  • Next to the booking in the 'Actions' menu click on 'Modify Payment Type'
  • Click on the Stripe option and you will be prompted to enter the customers card details
  • The full value including the face value of the ticket and any booking fees will be displayed

This will transfer monies directly from a customer's card to Stripe who transfer to your bank account on a 7-day rolling basis.

Category: Stripe Integration

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Last modified on Thu 20 October 2016