I have a Thermal Printer and the alignment of my tickets changes each print?

Please check you are using the correct template.  You should have the following template matched with the following stock;

  • v4.0: White thermal ticket stick is for DYMO LabelWriter series (106mm x 62mm) 

  • v4.2: TicketSource branded stock is for the Citizen CL series (140mm x 76mm)

  • v4.1: Unbranded thermal ticket stock is for Citizen CL series (140mm x 76mm)

  • v4.0: Receipt roll is for Star TSP series (80mm)

Once you have selected the correct option click 'Apply Changes' and then 'Print Test Ticket' to check that it's able to print. If you are 100% sure that you have the correct template selected on your TicketSource PrintServer account but you are sill experiencing the alignement issues, then please contact our Technical Support team on 02920 713200. 

Category: Thermal Ticket Printing

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Last modified on Wed 6 July 2016