My Printer is adding extra blank tickets at the end of Print Jobs?

If you are having blank tickets issued at the end of a print job, you will need to configure your printer:

If you are using Windows XP;

  • Open 'Printers & Faxes' from the start menu
  • Click on the Dymo Label Writer Printer icon
  • On the file menu, click 'Printing Preferences'
  • Click on the 'Advanced' button
  • Set the paper size to 'Continuous, Wide'
  • Click 'OK'

Windows Vista/7/8;

  • Open 'Devices and Printers' from the start menu
  • Right click on the Dymo Label Writer printer icon
  • On the pop-up menu click 'Printing Prefences'
  • Set the 'Advanced' button
  • Set the paper to 'Continous, Wide'
  • Click 'OK'

Category: Thermal Ticket Printing

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Last modified on Wed 6 July 2016