Printers are out of stock via Newbury Data, can you recommend an alternative supplier?

If Newbury Data is out of stock, please note the price of the printer on Newbury Data and search for Citizen printers on Ebay to look for a good deal.  Please search for  a CL-S521 or a CL-P521.

 What is the difference bettween a CLS-521 & a CLP-521?  There is no difference between the CL-P521 and the CL-S521.  The CL-S521 is the direct replacement and simply the newer version of the Citizien printer. Both of these Citizen printers can use ticket stock purchased from TicketSource.

We do recommend that you have a Media Cutter to assist you to separate your ticket orders when printing.

Category: Thermal Ticket Printing

Keywords: Citizen, printing, thermal, Ticket Printer

Last modified on Wed 6 July 2016