TicketSource Express for Android

TicketSource Express is a FREE smartphone application that works alongside your TicketSource account to enable you to scan the code on your customer’s tickets, in whatever format they have chosen.

The app lets you use your Android camera to quickly scan and validate your customers' tickets. To install the app, click the button below to visit the Google Play store.


TicketSource Express requires a camera with autofocus in order to correctly decode the barcodes. The app checks the ticket reference against our database in real time, so you’ll need WiFi access to the Internet or a 3G/4G connection at the venue to use it. You can have multiple devices scanning tickets at multiple entry points with live validation provided by the TicketSource servers.

How to use

1. Select the event and tap the ‘Scan’ icon to start.
Select event to start scanning tickets
2. Scan the barcode. Or enter the code manually into the box at the base of the screen if your connection goes down. Tapping the white box at the base of the screen will bring up the keyboard to start typing.

Ensure code is within the view box
3. The screen will turn green for valid tickets and display ‘Accepted’. Scans are also audibly verified.

4. The screen will turn red for invalid tickets and will display ‘Declined’. Scans are also audibly rejected.


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Last modified on Thu 7 March 2019