TicketSource Express: I do not have Internet access at the venue

You can download TicketSource Express (offline version) for Windows from your log in onto your computer/laptop.

 It does not require internet connection to scan tickets at the venue and operates as a stand alone solution.

You would need to download the programme prior to the event when you still have internet access. 

  • To download, first log into your account
  • Go to the tab "Scan" | "Ticket Scanner App for Windows"
  • You can view the manual which can also be downloaded 

Once the programme is installed you will be able to log in and import the list of bookings for your events into TicketSource Express Offline while you still have internet access.

Please note: 

  • The offline version does not communicate with the TicketSource website, therefore any sales processed after you have imported the list of bookings will not appear on your imported event list and would generate a red screen saying "NOT VALID" if they were scanned.
  • We would not recommend having multiple entry points when using TicketSource Express Offline as the different computers/laptops wont be able to communicate and a ticket could be scanned at each point without the system showing "Declined Already Scanned".

Category: Barcode Scanning

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Last modified on Fri 17 February 2017