Troubleshooting: TicketSource Express for iOS/Android

There may be a few reasons why the TicketSource Express app isn't working correctly. Below is a list of the most common issues you may experience and how to resolve them. 

Log in Issues

  • If you are struggling to log in please check you are using the same email and password you use when logging in normally 

  • Check that your user account has the correct permissions to scan tickets. If the user doesn't have access an error message should pop up displaying 'Login failed. Your account does not have permission to user TicketSource Express' - In this circumstance you would need to contact the account administrator to change the user permissions.


  • Not all events will show in the events list if your user account has restricted access to certain events. If the event you are looking for isn't appearing in the list you would again need to contact the account administrator to change the user permissions.

  • Once the finish time for the event has passed it will no longer appear in the list. Therefore attendees can't be retroactively scanned in after the event has taken place.


  • Signal strength of your WiFi may affect how well the app works, please check that there is sufficient strength for your internet connection

  • If your internet fails the app will also work with 3/4G connection provided you have enough data available. 


  • The brightness of the screen can affect the auto-brightness of the camera, you may need to adjust this setting for better performance.

  • The app is able to scan barcodes off another phone/device but glare on the screen may take the scanner app longer to recognise the QR/barcode 

If the app is still not working, please Contact Us.

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Last modified on Mon 5 September 2016