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Perfect for fundraisers, dinners and charity events.

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Even lower customer fees for paid events

If you're a registered charity then we'll lower our booking fees by 0.5% to help out. And if it's free entry then there's no fees at all. Either way, we'll still promote your events via advertising partners, social media, and search engines - because it's for a good cause.

9.5%* per paid ticket

*VAT applies on booking fees

There is no charge to record your in-house cash or check bookings.

How much will I get?

Using our booking fee calculator, you can work out how much you will earn from each ticket sale.

Price per ticket (£)

Total ticket price $

Number of tickets

Booking fee $

Registered charity discount

Customer pays booking fee

Customer pays
Total due to you

You absorb booking fee

Customer pays
Total due to you

When will I get my money?

Transfer of your money (minus the TicketSource fees) will start on the Monday following your event and should arrive in your bank account on the Wednesday (or Thursday following a UK Public Holiday that falls on a Monday).

If you need to receive your money before your event, you can integrate Stripe (a payment processing service) into your TicketSource account, to receive income as ticket sales happen.

Need your ticket money upfront?

If you integrate your own Stripe account for payment processing you will be able to receive your ticket money on a 2-day rolling basis.

We'll also help you take donations under the Gift Aid program. This government initiative means you can get an extra 25p for every £1 donated. If you check the option in your account, you'll receive monthly statements that you can forward to HMRC in order to make a claim.

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“I used TicketSource for a gala charity reception - as the sole organiser for this event I was under enormous pressure for everything to go smoothly and be as easy as possible to use. I am incredibly pleased with the level of service & support I received. I would have no hesitation in recommending TicketSource to anyone” Gurkha Welfare Trust