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Be on sale in minutes. With our easy to use event designer, you can customize everything and publish your ticket shop in record time. We use smart data capture to speed payment and avoid the long processing forms that can lose you sales.

Need to be paid upfront? Plug in your Stripe account for immediate control over your revenue.

We'll list your events on popular event websites and optimise your page to appear on Google. Whether it's post, text or email, orders are all processed and delivered on your behalf by our box office team.

To maintain our commitment to make online ticketing simple and cost effective, we're always expanding our list of features. Here are just some of the free services on offer

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Combine Sales Channels

Roll everything into a single ticket management system.

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Telephone Booking Service

Let us handle your customer ticket bookings on your behalf.

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Record In-house for Free

No ticket fees on in-house and third party purchases.

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Website Integration Options

Add the TicketShop code into your own website or Facebook Page.

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Refunds and Cancellations

If you need to cancel an event, the system will refund your customers for you.

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Support Team

Get assistance from our team of experts via phone, email or our online Live Chat.

All we charge is a small customer booking fee (10% of the face value) to be added to the total price when customers book online. If your events are free then we don't charge anything at all.

Need advice? Contact us about pricing and services tailored for you: +1 888 994 7439

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