Joan and Jimmy: the early days of Theatre Workshop, Joan Littlewood and Jimmy Miller( Ewan MacColl)

​​​​A play with songs, written by Jim Woodland, and musical direction by Lester Simpson
Joan and Jimmy tells the story of Joan Littlewood and Jimmy Miller, standing amongst the rubble of 1945 post war Britain. Jimmy Miller has changed his name to Ewan McColl; both are embarking on a career in radical political theatre, performing one-night stands across the North of England- a forerunner of present rural touring!
They founded Theatre Workshop in Kendal with a travelling troupe of storytellers and outlaws committed to the overthrow of the established order(!), where the rich got richer and the poor got austerity- even then!
In 1952, they parted company. Joan and Theatre Workshop headed to London, and Ewan to the folk music world. In Theatre Workshop tradition, Joan and Jimmy asks the audience to reach their own conclusions and take the ending of these stories and songs beyond Village Halls and into their lives.

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