Sara Grey and Kieron Means in Concert

The Spotlight Playhouse, United States, 40403
Tue 20th June 2017

"Sara Grey and her son, Kieron Means, play American music, as distinct from Americana -theirs is the real deal. Old-time ballads, cowboy songs and Primitive Methodist hymns are all grist to their individual mill. Sara's unique frailing banjo style and Kieron's blues-inflected guitar are in perfect harmony and this, instinctive, family symbiosis is what sets them apart. Passionate and heartfelt vocals are the icing on the cake and it's hardly surprising that they are no strangers to the Bothy Folk Club." - Clive Pownseby, Organiser, Bothy Folk Club, Southport

Google map static shot of The Spotlight Playhouse, United States, 40403
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