“The Best of Jimi & Janis”

Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix are two of most influential people in the Rock ‘n Roll world. Their music has endured for almost 50 years! In their inimitable style, Don Pope, Rhonda Padmos, and the band present a tribute to the music of these two legends.  The show is inspired by the chance meeting of two superstars, at the Monterey Bay Musical Festival in 1967.  The two became fast friends and performed together once again at Woodstock ‘69.  Unknowingly, this was to be one of the last performances for both superstars.  Ironically, both died a month later, within 16 days of each other, leaving a huge void in the Rock ‘n Roll world.  Join us for the show celebrating, in our heart and soul,  the show that “could have been.”

Don and Rhonda are well- known musicians from Canada who arrived in Puerto Vallarta in the 1980’s as guest musicians on the television show, THE LOVE BOAT.   Currently, in their 6th season at ACT II with shows like Come Together (Beatles tribute), Rumors (Fleetwood Mac tribute), California Dreamin’ (Mamas & the Papas tribute),The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sordid Lives, A Chorus Line and Tapestry (music of Carole King), Rhonda and Don are thrilled to bring this exciting new show to Act II! 

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