The Gabest Show on Earth, 2.0

Never before have we had so many people begging us to bring Gabe Arcineaga back to the Red Room!  Well, you asked, and we listened!  Act II is excited to confirm that Gabe Arcineaga, will present his highly-successful “The Gabest Show on Earth” once again! 

Last year, Gabe Arcineaga thrilled sold-out audiences with his astounding “The Gabest Show on Earth!”  This theatrical triumph, which was produced, directed, and co-written by the fabulous Alfonso López, was filled with beautiful music, poignant stories, incredible comedy, exuberant dancing and lots of GOSSIP about his days of touring with “Cuchi-Cuchi” Charo!  This show is actually one of the most talked about shows in Act II history!  Gabe’s new show, “The Gabest Show on Earth, 2.0” will be even MORE thrilling!  He has added more songs to his repertoire and has dug even deeper to bring you more titillating tidbits from his days on the road with Charo!

A relative newcomer to Puerto Vallarta, Gabe moved here from Texas and was immediately cast as the lead character of Richard Hannay in Act II’s production of 39 Steps, as w­­ell as George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life!  He also thrilled audiences last year with his critically-acclaimed performance as Dr. Frankenfurter in Rocky Horror Show!

If you want to see this show, you need to get your tickets now.  People are waiting for this announcement and all of his shows will sell out quickly.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the talents of this incredibly fascinating man!  

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