May 1st, Level 1 & 2 Grad Show!

115 MacDougal Street, United States, 10012
Wed 1st May 2019

Come one, come all to the improv event of a lifetime! Our Level 1 class will be taking the stage for their very first time! Sharing the stage with them will be our Level 2 class, with shortform that will truly knock your socks off.

Cast Includes:

Level 1:Omar Gil, Tomas Frymann, Sophie Whitney, Sophie Tabac, Isabelle Steichen, John Kalinowski, Jack Warren, Riley Kilgariff, Shelley Peterson, Matthew Hurst, Noah Ennis

Level 2: Samuel Katz, Paul Chung, Henry Chien, Harper Jackson, Jason Reid, Saskia Larsen
Google map static shot of 115 MacDougal Street, United States, 10012
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